Monday, October 06, 2008

christmas socks

not to be confused with christmas stockings... which i am not doing this year, altho i might sometimes. this year i am making socks for my youngest son for Christmas. Last summer, if you were following along you know we drove Route 66. (half of it anyway) and Brenden was in love with it. Every morning he woke up to say "are we still on Route 66?" Also, everytime i dye new yarn he tells me I should knit him socks in "those colors". (especially if there is any red). so... i am knitting him socks for Christmas. eventually they will have more stuff, but for the moment this is where i'm at. the shaft is supposed to look like neon lights. then i'm going to knit in the Route 66 sign into the heel flap. I know, i graphed the entirely wrong shape and have since regraphed it. ... the heel flap will be black with this white sign. the foot will also be in black (which isn't quite solid so it should look a bit like old black top i hope) will have white stripes down each side with a broken yellow line down the center, like road. I'm having great fun designing these. maybe if they turn out well enough i'll sell a kit.

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