Sunday, July 08, 2007

yard work

so the kids and i spent the afternoon (it finally cooled off enough so we could) working in the yard. I've been working on a dye garden and am making more space for it!

this raised garden was created last summer. it started out as a huge patch of weeds surrounded by some landscape timbers. It got cut in half when we put in the fence for Tuck and then i rebuilt it, pulled out all the grass, planted a variety of flowers, which are starting to do well...marigolds, coreopsis, poppies, and more. there's also 4 tomatoes back there in the back and some radishes and lettuce and spinach (which the Bun family and relatives ate).
Here you can see where we removed tons of gravel (creating the little path you'll see later) in front of the shed behind the big tree. the plan is to plant this area with various flowering dye plants! (mostly wild flowers that are drought resistant and don't need lots of care!
I also plan to add a bench out here to sit...and a trellis over the end of the path with something flowering growing on it.

I'm thinking some kind of decorative fence here from the edge of the trellis that will go over the path past the tree..

Clearly i need to put something different around this little bed...I've been recycling existing materials!

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