Thursday, April 05, 2007

to denver...

i know it's nutty...i feel nutty. but i'm doing it. yesterday i actually checked the yarn harlot's tour and realized....Oh. MY. GOD. she's going to be in Denver TODAY! That, in South Dakota terms in pretty darned close. Only, like, 6 hours or so. So I'm going! I can't believe it. I made reservation, my husband made me maps, i can do this!
Anyway...I feel nutty. It's 5 am and i'm up writing...way too nuts!


Anonymous said...

No Way!!! Get me her autograph!!!! Are you coming to our Anniversary bash 4/21?!?!??!!?!?!
You better be ther so I can hear about this trip!!!! You lucky!!!!

Ami said...

Hey look I found your blog. So glad you came to Denver and I got to meet you. I'm the one who sat next to you in the 2 hour line with my mom & sister.


Yarn Thing said...

You did exactly what I would have done if she hadn't came to Denver but went to your neck of the woods!
Wasn't she just so much fun?

I wrote all about it on my blog and talked about it on my podcast...I couldn't get enough!