Saturday, March 10, 2007

what's on my wheel?

well...i've been working way too long on the yarn that is currently on my wheel. I decided to make some yarn that changes color from one end to the other. i jar dyed some lovely fiber and am spinning it...the yarn will start at one end a pale yellow and change through a darker gold, to eventually be a pinky-salmon color. So i divided the roving in half for each ply and have been spinning very fine singles for days. I'm almost done, but having a short attention span...i'm getting tired of it. I need to just sit down and finish spinning the second ply. so i can ply it.

I've also started knitting a least that's what i think it'll be. i dyed some frogged yarn several lovely colors and am doing a stripey shawl type item. No pattern...of course, just guessing...
What is on your needles or wheel?

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