Wednesday, June 07, 2006

my weekend... a little delayed

on saturday evening i dyed stuff...a bunch of merino and a little silk. i dyed merino for my roving of the month club people but i'm doing a hand blended batt this month so i'm still in the process of carding it all separately so that i can do a stripey batt. it is green, purple, pale green, blue, and sort of indigo. should be fun! i love hand blending batts!

i also dyed wool for my kit that i'm working on can see the spun of yarn below in yellow, red and orange! turned out gorgeous!

sunday we went hiking. i filled my pockets with beautiful little stones. I'm trying to identify the ones below and have had a variety of suggestions. I think they are quartz with some kind of inclusions!...interesting and quite naturally beautiful. any ideas what they are?

this week i'm working almost full-time so less spinning :-( next week will be better :-)

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