Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I've been bad

so...a note about that stuff.

the little pouches are made with a stitch called nun's work (slip stitch crochet). it is probably older than crochet. It is very interesting it makes an extremely sturdy inelastic fabric. Perfect for pouches. i bought the yarn for them, did not spin it. My bad!

the little black pouch is suede leather. It has been embossed using a hot iron and a rubber stamp....kinda fun...

i've got tons of yarn, as well as other stuff on etsy....


stop by and say "hi", check out the yarn...say you love me...whatever!

i also have yarn on ebay and a hundred or so books


feel free to browse around...i'd offer coffee but the shipping would be outrageous :-)

need a CD for St. Paddy's i have that too.

Make a minimimum $5.00 purchase on Etsy and get a free CD if you mention my blog in the note!

have a good day!

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